Get Your Hands Dirty

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Well, it appears that I am not a very consistent blogger. This space has been untended for over a month–not my original intent for timing. But now we’re in bid season, trying to get the right proposals in to the right agencies in time to get some trails jobs, and snow is melting (finally) and there’s work to be done outside. So, in a lazy dog’s stab at filling this blog with words, I’m going to list below the links to the blog posts I wrote over the course of a week in April soon after my first book, Dirt Work, came out. Beacon Press set the whole thing up (Get Your Hands Dirty Blog Tour!) and I was hosted by six stellar blogs, from the famous (Patagonia) to the family-run (Mountain Family.) Each of the posts talks about some element of trail work; some pieces are excerpted from the book. Browse at your leisure, and do let me know how any of them strike you, either on the sites or in the comments below. (BTW, the book giveaways on the sites are all over now, sorry!)

Now that I’ve posted all those links, it’s no wonder I haven’t done much blogging here recently. I’ve been doing it every other place! Thanks for reading and Happy Spring.


1. Tales of A Mountain Family: “Lucky Girls” (In which I meet hikers on the trail, one old, one young.)

2. Hike.Bike.Travel: “Wolf Sightings in the Wild” (Excerpt from Dirt Work about a wolf sighting in Montana.)

3. Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line: “Backseat of the Ford” (Excerpt from Dirt Work in which I ford  the Middle Fork in my underwear.)

4. Half Past Done: “The Long Haul” (Life as an industrial athlete.)

5. The Campsite: “Tired Comparisons” (How many ways to be exhausted?)

6. Hiker to Hiker: Book review & Interview

And two bonus posts not on the official tour but appearing that week:

7. WE-News: “Feisty Mountain Crew” (On my first trail crew run by women.)

8.  Books for Better Living: “5 Lessons from the Trail” (Make your lunch ahead, and others.)

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